Sleeping FAQ
What inspired you to write Sleeping Beauty?
There's a memorial service in Chapter 27 of Sleeping Beauty where a slideshow's played in celebration of a character's life. What song accompanies the slideshow, and how did you get permission to use the lyrics of it in your novel?
I read that you were working on an enhanced content project. What is 'enhanced content'?
Who Sings 'Can't Cry Hard Enough' in the enhanced video of the memorial service scene in Chapter 27?
There's a lot of surfing, surfer slang, and surfer culture in Sleeping Beauty? Do you surf?
Claire Beau, the heroine of Sleeping Beauty, is an aspiring actress and there are many scenes that take place on a movie set. The details make these scenes so realistic! Did you visit an actual movie set in order to write those scenes?
If Sleeping Beauty were adapted for film who would your dream cast be?
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