What led you to pursue self-publishing as opposed to going the traditional publishing route?

Were you surprised when your first novel became a bestseller?

Can an author still succeed at self-publication, or is going the way of 'the Big Five' their only hope?

Given what you now know and have learned, what advice or words of wisdom would you like to impart to a writer struggling to choose between going self-published or traditional?

If you had one bit of advice you'd offer a writer who asked you how to make more money self-publishing e-books, what would it be?'

Can you make a living even if you're not a bestselling self-published author? Is there hope that a self-published author can ever quit their 'day job?'

Doesn't Amazon control the price of self-published novels?
Why do many readers balk at paying a higher price for e-books than they would for a paperback or hardcover copy (whether traditionally or self-published)?
Are you for or against Amazon 'giveaways' (i.e. giving away your book for free as part of a promotion)?
How much control do you have over your book's pricing? Are the company's computers changing your prices as the algorithms see things? Or are you in control?

What do self-published authors need to know to compete in the marketplace with traditional publishers?

You very rarely sell your books for anything less than $2.99 (and more frequently $3.99, $4.99 and even $5.99). There are many self-published success stories out there that are a result of the 99¢ e-book. Why do you believe in charging more?
Do you recommend writing shorter novels, or even short stories?
Is there anything you've written in any of your books that you really want to rewrite?