Elle Lothlorien "Fairy Tale Photo Shoot"A “military brat,” Elle was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far-flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C., Italy, and Washington D.C. Sadly, the only language she ever became semi-fluent in is English.

Elle’s first self-published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an Amazon bestseller in December 2010–a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012, when it peaked at #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 List for Humor ahead of both Tina Fey and Janet Evanovich. She was one of the first authors to sign on to Amazon’s KDP Select and to take advantage of that program’s “free promo days,” which she used on Valentine’s Day 2012 to giveaway 45,000 copies of her novels, catapulting her second novel, Sleeping Beauty, to the besteller list.

Elle’s appearance on the Digital Book World’s (DBW) Successful Self-Published Authors panel in January 2012 alongside New York Times bestsellers Bob Mayer and Bella Andre was noted in Publishers Weekly. In February 2012, she was named to Expert Messaging Group’s “25 Self-Published Authors to Watch.” She is considered a “reluctant expert” on the topic of self-publishing and consumer purchasing psychology, and she is well-known for taking advantage of her full creative control by pushing the envelope–and advising other independently published authors to do the same.

In March of 2012, in response to fan feedback, Elle published an alternate-ending version of her contemporary romance Sleeping Beauty called Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up. Both books would go on to be named to Kindles & Wine “Best Reads of 2012.” In June of 2013, she re-released Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up to include “interactive content.” She went on to release Alice in Wonderland in November of 2012, and Gilding the Lily-pad in October of 2013.

Elle was a featured Author Speaker at the DBW Discoverability and Marketing Conference in New York City in September 2012 alongside John Fine from Amazon, Sasha Norkin from Barnes & Noble and Patrick Brown from GoodReads. In March of 2013, she was invited to give a two-hour self-publishing workshop at the annual Left Coast Crime conference to a standing room-only crowd of (mostly) traditionally published authors. The following month, she was invited to blog for Digital Book World’s “Expert Publishing Blog,” an industry blog with 25,000 subscribers. She almost immediately created a firestorm of controversy by suggesting that authors should  respond to negative reader reviews. That blog was named to the “Top 10 Digital Publishing Stories of 2012.”

Elle has been interviewed for and contributed to articles on self-publishing for TIME Magazine (Andrew Rice) and Writers Digest (Porter Anderson). Her interviews have appeared in USA Today’s Happy Ever After (Joyce Lamb) and on GoodEReader (Mercy Pilkington). She’s appeared on Authors on the Air with Pam Stack, the Trash Talk Show with Barb Tobias, and Your Book Is Your Hook with Jennifer Wilkov, as well as Denver’s 9News.

Elle was one of 93 romance authors chosen to blog during the month of August  2013 (alongside 50 New York Times bestselling authors) as part of National Read-a-Romance Month—a month-long event “designed to celebrate and spotlight romance and the romance genre.” In January, 2014, Elle and co-host Isobel Irons launched a self-publishing consulting company, The Book Escorts, as well as “The S&M (Self-Publishing and Marketing) Podcast with Maven and Minx” on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Beginning in 2014, this dynamic duo will present self-publishing workshops at conferences nationwide.

Elle lives in Denver, Colorado, and keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund named Bacon around the house to provide comic relief.