Alice FAQ


When you wrote the scenes on the cruise ship where the Tea Party takes place, did you have a real place in mind?
I've always been curious why you chose those particular film icons–Alice Faye, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe–for the names of the Dahl siblings.
Are you Alice, either physically or personality-wise? And, if you're not, who did you mentally turn into Alice Faye Dahl for Alice in Wonderland?
Is there a chance of any of the characters in Alice in Wonderland (main or supporting) appearing in any other novels?
Have you or someone close to you had a gambling addiction? Is Alice in Wonderland inspired by someone's addictive practice?
How much did you already know about poker before getting started with Alice in Wonderland and how much did you have to learn?
What made you choose Australia as the background for Alice?
How long were you in Australia before you learned about the ass-eating toilet spiders? Do you know anyone who was bitten?
Will Alice in Wonderland be available as an audiobook at some point?
Is it true that the Rabbit Montgomery pictured in some of your promotional photos is a result of the character 'coming to life' after you wrote Alice in Wonderland?
If Alice in Wonderland were to be adapted for film, who would your dream cast be?

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