A “military brat,” Elle Lothlorien was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far-flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C., Italy, and Washington D.C. Sadly, the only language she ever became semi-fluent in is English. She writes romantic comedies that are loose riffs on the popular fairy tales she read as a child–stories she still loves as an adult. Elle’s first self-published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an Amazon bestseller in 2010–a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 List for Humor. Her female characters are known for their snarky attitude, intelligence, quick wit, and a near-universal lack of interest in designer shoes and haute couture.

Before writing rom-com full-time, Elle worked as an administrator in clinical research at the University of Colorado. Her scattershot work history also includes everything from running fire and rescue calls as an EMT, to managing movie theaters, to locating underground utilities, to stay-at-home mom, although she readily admits that getting paid to sit around in her PJs all day dreaming up hot, amazing men who are good enough for her novel’s heroines is, hands-down, the most rewarding job she’s ever had.

Elle lives in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, mostly because she’s deathly afraid of man-eating sharks and understands that, while they’ve successfully infiltrated every ocean on the globe, they’ve never quite managed to adapt to mountain living. She keeps a miniature dachshund named Bacon Bourgeois of Legend around the house to provide comic relief.